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The Angel AF-10 is an accessible flute designed especially for early learners and anyone who'd like to get acquainted with this instrument before investing in a more expensive version. Its plastic construction means it's durable as well as affordable!
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4 días laborables
9,75 €
Purcell's attractively-priced flute starter set has everything you need. It consists of the FL-OVS Y-model flute in C, a case, a stand and a sheet music stand.
210,00 €
The Stagg WS-FL211S is a C flute that comes with a cleaning set and soft case. Features offset G key and silver-plated finish. Great for students!
218,00 €
La flauta travesera Purcell FL-OVS bañada en plata se adquiere con una cómoda y práctica funda. Mecanismo en mi partido.
191,00 €
This is a great flute for young musicians, and comes with an extra curved head joint to make it easier for short arms to play!
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7 días laborables
306,00 €
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