Mode Machines CM-1: Affordable Camera Microphone

viernes, 16 de marzo de 2018

Mode Machines is an innovative German brand who have surprised us time and time again over the years with their unique, humourous, and often innovative products. Their latest achievement in camera microphones is the the practical, affordable CM-1

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Special Deal: 30% Off Presonus Studio One and Notion 6!

jueves, 15 de marzo de 2018

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Presonus are offering a 30% discount on the Artist, Professional and upgrade versions of their popular Studio One 3 software packages! This offer is valid from 16th to18th March, 2018

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Alesis Launches Studio Monitor with USB Audio Interface

lunes, 5 de marzo de 2018

Alesis introduces the M1Active 330 USB set of monitors with a built-in USB audio interface so you can record all incoming signals directly!

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Pioneer DDJ-SB3: After Two Comes Three

jueves, 1 de marzo de 2018

It wasn't exactly a surprise that there was going to be a successor to the SB2, but no one could imagine anything like the DDJ-SB3! Pioneer have outdone themselves with the brand-new Serato controller. Even though it has the uniform appearance of all their DJ controllers, it sports a unique look all its own thanks to a fruitful collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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Propellerhead Reason 10 Month-Long Deal

jueves, 1 de marzo de 2018

Propellerhead are offering a month-long deal on their popular Reason 10 DAW software! Read more to find out how to take advantage of it now!

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New: Vegas Movie Studio 15 Video Editing Software

lunes, 26 de febrero de 2018

Vegas has always been a fun software package to work with! It enables you to edit your own movies in a flash. Today, software developer Magix have released the version of Vegas Movie Studio, consisting of the standard, Platinum, and Suite versions.

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Free Studio One Artist with Antelope Audio Orion Series

jueves, 15 de febrero de 2018

You read that right!  If you purchase the Orion 32, Orion 32+ or Orion32 HD interface by Antelope Audio before 31st March 2018, you'll receive the excellent DAW software package by Presonus, Studio One Artist, valued at £72!

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Steinberg Valentine's Day Offer

miércoles, 14 de febrero de 2018

It's Valentine's Day, which means studio engineers everywhere are stopping by the flower shop on their way home to pick up something nice for their sweethearts. However, they could also stop by the Bax Music online shop when they get home because Steinberg has something special in store!

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Chauvet FXpar in the Spotlight!

lunes, 18 de diciembre de 2017

People love all-in-one products. They're often better value for money, and you've got fewer components to transport and deal with. Two LED light effects that truly deserve to be put in the spotlight are the Fxpar 3 and Fxpar 9 by Chauvet DJ!

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¡Ahorra hasta 350 € con Bose T1 ToneMatch!

miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2017

Ya no tienes excusa para no comprarte un sistema L1 de Bose, con el que te vas a ahorrar una pasta, al comprar un T1 ToneMatch. El T1 ToneMatch puede parecer muy caro, por eso Bose ha lanzado esta oferta que consiste en que, con la compra de un altavoz L1 Compact, un Model 1S o un Model II, te llevas un descuento en tu sistema de monitorización T1 por 199 €. Piénsalo bien, ¡te llevas un equipo completo de Bose ahorrándote 350 €!

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