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Don't you just hate it when you have to bring more than one stand? This T-bar allows you to place two speakers on one speaker stand. It's easy, fast and great for your back!

42,00 €

El IVA TBAR es una barra en forma de T, indicada para el montaje de soportes de sonido y luces. Con una longitud de 1,5 metros tendrás suficiente para varios efectos de luces.

Entrega en 4 semanas.
4 semanas
12,80 €

This T-bar is useful when your stand is supplied without a standard T-bar, or when your old T-bar is broken or no longer representable. With prices this low, there is no need for fixer-uppers. 

Entrega en 3 semanas.
3 semanas
12,90 €
This T-bar works for a maximum of 12 lamps and ensures that your light effects can be hung neatly. It's ideal if you want to turn a speaker stand or wind-up stand into a lighting stand.
12,05 €
54,00 €
The width-adjustable Gravity SAT 36 B T-bar lets you mount two speakers with a 35mm stand flange and a maximum weight of 25 kg each on top of a single stand for a space-saving dual set-up.
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4 días laborables
28,00 €
23,95 €

This is a perfect cross bar when you want to neatly mount light effects or spotlights on both sides of your stand. K&M offers the 21390 T bar, with five pre-drilled holes on each side.

21,80 €

This rugged cross bar fits numerous stands thanks to its 35mm hole. It simply slides over your stand and you can then lock it in place with a screw fastener. Ready to fly light effects and spotlights!

30,00 €

The Showtec Booster Bar 4 DMX is an advanced DMX distribution bar, designed after the famous DMX dimmer bar. This bar is designed for LED armatures that operate at a fixed voltage.

178,00 €
The Duratruss ST-PMB is a T bar for the Duratruss ST-2800B-ECO wind-up stand. It features three rigging points per side.
Disponible en 8 días laborables
8 días laborables
54,00 €
This is Konig & Meyer's 24637 side crossbar.
Disponible en 10 días laborables
10 días laborables
32,00 €
Disponible en 9 días laborables
9 días laborables
44,00 €
This Doughty T bar holds six lamps and is 1.5 metres long.
Disponible en 15 días laborables
15 días laborables
23,80 €
This T bar holds four lamps and is 1.25 metres long.
Disponible en 15 días laborables
15 días laborables
18,90 €

This is the ideal T-bar for four LED PARs, lighting effects or other light fixtures. Thanks to the 28mm TV spigot, it's easily mounted on different kinds of stands. Mounting material is included!

Entrega en 12 semanas.
12 semanas
21,80 € | Up to 50% discount