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Micrófonos inalámbricos para instrumentos

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As a saxophonist, you don't want a microphone-on-a-stand to limit your on-stage mobility. What you want is the NUX B6 system: a wireless condenser microphone that clips to the bell of your sax plus a receiver that can be plugged directly into your mixer.
208,00 €
If you want to pull the strings without there being any, hook your wind instrument up to the wireless AirLine AWXm system from Samson. Clamp the microphone and ATX transmitter to the bell to blow your audience away.
413,00 €
Gain maximum on-stage freedom courtesy of the complete Shure GLXD+ Dual Band wireless instrument microphone system. This set includes a transmitter, receiver and a tour-grade Beta 98H microphone.
799,00 €
Specifically designed for wind instruments, the complete Shure BLX14E/P98H wireless microphone system includes a one-channel receiver, a transmitter and a PGA98H/C clip-on microphone.
409,00 €
Need a wireless way to amplify your brass, woodwind or percussion instruments? The Shure GLX-D14R+/B98 system combines reliable wireless performance with the legendary Beta 98/S instrument microphone.
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865,00 €
Amplify your acoustic string instrument with the Prodipe GL21 microphone. Clip it onto the edge of the bell, connect the XLR or mini XLR cable to the PA and you're good to go!
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