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The Rode Stereo Bar lets you create wonderful stereo recordings in an XY or ORTF setup. Thanks to the groove in the middle, you can adjust the distance between the microphones, with a maximum distance of 20 cm.

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4 días laborables
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The Pivot Adaptor by Rode is a practical adapter that allows you to attune the angle of your microphone clip re the stand. Thanks to the accessory screw thread adapter, the Rode Adaptor fits on nearly any stand.

29,00 €

The Rode invisiLav is designed to neatly be tucked away, under your clothing, for instance. Its soft construction absorbs vibrations and handling noise.

16,15 €

Rode’s iClamp is a rugged black clamp that provides the Rode iXY microphone with a bit of additional support when it is used on an iPhone 4 or 4S.

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8 días laborables
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