Konig & Meyer 48343 rack de estudio 43U

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Konig & Meyer 48343 rack de estudio 43U nº del producto: S-48343black Periodo de garantía: El periodo de garantía de este producto es de 5 años.


This is a 2-metre tall installation rack that offers a massive 43U of room. No matter how big a collection of equipment you have, chances are that this 19-inch studio rack will hold it all with ease.

Moreover, it is the perfect server rack for fixed installations in schools or theatres, for instance. Thanks to the rugged steel construction, finished with a black powder coating, stability is a given and the cabinet is bound to remain neat for years to come. Both the front and rear of this rack feature rack rails, allowing you to also fit heavier or deeper equipment and to prevent overloading the front rack rails.

The top and bottom feature a steel plate and the bottom one has a sizeable laser-cut cable hole, which is perfect if you want to lead several multicables into the rack.

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Características del producto

  • Unidades de rack horizontal no aplicable
  • Unidades de rack en vertical >32 U
  • Tipo de madera no aplicable
  • Color negro
  • Mueble de estudio estand de rack

Peso y las dimensiones incluyen el paquete

  • Peso (incluyendo el paquete) 25,2 kg

Características del producto

  • rugged studio rack
  • 43U of rack space
  • rack rail on the front and rear
  • perfect for studios, at home or as a server rack
  • pre-fitted with a top and a bottom
  • made of black powder-coated steel
  • hole in the bottom for cables
  • side panels and front and rear doors are optional for a dust-proof whole
  • dimensions: 553 x 540 x 2,016 mm
  • weight: 25.2 kg


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