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Steinberg Valentine's Day Offer

It's Valentine's Day, which means studio engineers everywhere are stopping by the flower shop on their way home to pick up something nice for their sweethearts. However, they could also stop by the Bax Music online shop when they get home because Steinberg has something special in store!

Valentine discount for you from Steinberg

For a limited time, two software packages have been marked down considerably: Steinberg Halion 6 and Steinberg Halion Sonic 3. Halion 6 is a top-of-the-line sampler program that offers enough possibilities to keep you busy for years to come! Sonic 3 is a large collection of excellent sounds so you can produce the most beautiful serenades. All you need to do is stream your music to a Bluetooth speaker underneath your balcony and your Valentine's Day can begin!

This discount is valid until Sunday evening 18th February 2018, after that it will return to its original price.

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