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Pioneer Gear with Free Flight Bags!

Now that Autumn is officially underway, a protective flight bag is essential when transporting your Pioneer equipment from A to B. That's why Pioneer is offering a DJC-S9 flight bag together with the battle mixer deluxe DJM-S9, a DJC-XP1 bag with the versatile DDJ-XP1, a DJC-TSP16 bag with the Toraiz SP-16 and a and DJC-TAS1 flight bag with the AS-1. Let it rain!

Rugged bag for rugged gear

Each and every one of Pioneer's flight bags feature a durable EVA Durashock body and a black ballistic polyester fleece-lined  foam interior. When you place your valuable S9, XP1, SP-16 or AS-1 inside its corresponding flight bag, you can rest assured it'll be safe and sound. The best part about this deal is that you'll be getting all that extra protection and peace of mind at no extra cost! Act fast while supplies last!

Find out more about these high-quality products on the relative product pages below.

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