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M-Audio Presents Keystation MK3

The third generation of M-Audio's popular Keystation is here! There are three different models to choose from: the Keystation 49 Mk3, the Keystation 61 Mk3 and the Keystation Mini 32 Mk3.

Compact design, big possibilities

These days, large 88-note keyboards and countless controllers are not essential for creating large scale music productions. In fact, you can do everything with one of M-Audio's Keystations and a computer. The Keystations even come with software to help get you started.

Included software

The Keystation 49 and the Keystation 61 both come with Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition as well as Ableton Live Lite so you can try out both DAWs to see which one you like best. You also get three great virtual instruments from AIR. The smaller Keystation Mini 32 is much cheaper, yet still comes with Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition and one virtual instrument by AIR. It's the handiest model for music producers on the move too.


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