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Elixir Strings' Attractively-Priced Promotional 3-Packs Are Back!

If you're enthusiastic about Elixir strings, you'll be happy to hear that their attractively-priced 3-Packs are back!

More strings for your money

There are four types of Elixir 3-Packs available and each type comes in the two most popular string gauges making eight sets in all. Acoustic guitarists can choose between 80/20 Bronze Nanoweb or Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb strings. For electric guitarists, the choice is between Electric NPS Nanoweb and Electric NPS Optiweb string sets.

Something for everyone

Elixir strings are known for their long lifespan which is due to the patented coating technology that protects the strings from dirt and corrosion. Here at Bax Music, we have a large selection of Elixir strings available including sets for 7 and even 8-string guitars. The table above highlights the main differences between Elixir's Polyweb, Nanoweb and Optiweb strings.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information including availability and pricing.

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