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Coming Soon: Steinberg UR-RT2 and UR-RT4 with Neve Transformers!

Steinberg recently introduced two new audio interfaces, the UR-RT2 and the UR-RT4 that were designed in collaboration with a name that any studio engineer is sure to know and appreciate: Rupert Neve.

A bit of Neve under the bonnet

The brand Neve's claim to fame was their enormous analogue mixing consoles from the seventies that resulted in countless chart-topping hits. Steinberg is a brand that's synonymous with the historically significant DAW software Cubase, but the company also make audio interfaces. When you combine these two renowned brands, the result is a pair of audio interfaces with Neve transformers on the inputs so you can enhance the effects on your vocals and add impressive musical harmonics to your production. The RT2 has two transformers and the RT4 has four. Both units come with a special entry-level version of Cubase so you can start producing those hits right away!

We expect these products to hit the shelves this week so keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date stock information!

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