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Chauvet FXpar in the Spotlight!

People love all-in-one products. They're often better value for money, and you've got fewer components to transport and deal with. Two LED light effects that truly deserve to be put in the spotlight are the Fxpar 3 and Fxpar 9 by Chauvet DJ!

Fxpar light effects - versatile and practical

The cool Fxpar 3 has three RGB+UV LEDs, 27 cool-white SMDs (Surface Mounted Device) and 18 RGB SMDs. All this makes it possible to create spectacular washes and strobe effects. The Fxpar 9 is a similar product, but with a different distribution of light sources, namely nine RGB+UV LEDs, an RGB COB-LED and 21 cool-white SMDs for the strobe. Just like the Fxpar 3, you can operate these groups separately.

With a little creativity, you can make the most of these Fxpar products, which are chock-full of effects that are sure to liven up your show or party. Both spotlights van be operated via DMX or the included IRC-6 remote control.

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