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This 19-inch rack mount adapter is designed so that you can easily mount your L-PAD 8C, 8CX or 10C mixer in a 19-inch rack. The adapter also features handy cable slots.
49,00 €
Protect your RCF Livepad mixer by mounting it in a 19-inch rack. This rack mount kit is suited for the RCF Livepad 8C, 8CX and 10C mixers. Don't risk damaging your mixer during transport!
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8 días laborables
14,70 €
With the M18 Rack Mount Kit, you can mount your RCF M18 digital mixer in a 19-inch rack by replacing its panels with the ones in this kit.
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19 semanas
35,00 €
The RCF Rack-Mount Pro adapter is designed for installing your L-PAD12C or L-PAD12CX in a 19-inch rack. It features practical cable troughs for optimal cable management.
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