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Para la amplificación de baterías, nada mejor que un micro especializado, este set es perfecto para ello. Contiene un P2 para el bombo, cuatro P4 para la caja y los toms y dos P17 overhead.
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The D112 by AKG is one of the most popular bass drum mics in the world, and this AKG D112 MKII is its second incarnation. It easily picks up the powerful, deep sounds of a kick drum, bass cabinet or trombone.
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AKG's 7-piece Drum Set Concert I microphone set provides all you need to quickly and easily set up your drum kit for top-quality amplification or recording. It consists of a D112 MKII, four D40s and two C430 condenser mics.
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AKG presenta el micrófono P4 que sirve para varios instrumentos, de viento, baterías y canto.
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This microphone is a dream-come-true for anyone who spends a lot of time amplifying bands. This microphone has been developed so that it can pick up wind as well as string instruments. It is, however, also fit for drums and percussion.
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In order to amplify a drum kit, special microphones are required, as ordinary microphones don't pick up the extremely low tones. Enjoy a wonderfully clear bass and amplify your drum kit with the AKG P2.

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The Drumset Premium is a hand-selected collection of AKG microphones of the highest quality. The set is extremely well suited for live as well as studio use and consists of 1x D12VR, 2x C214, 1x C451 and 4x D50.

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The AKG D12VR is an excellent bass drum microphone (based on the classic D12), specialised in the very pure reproduction of low frequencies. When the phantom power is turned on, you can choose from 3 active filters.

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