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The Audio Technica ATW-13F is a wireless system with a handheld cardioid microphone that operates on the Duplex gap as well as the ISM band, which means it'll function throughout Europe without a permit.
188,00 €

The ATW-1322 2-channel handheld system by Audio Technica is a highly versatile unit! The System 10 PRO system with innovative functions ensures interference-free operations in the 2.4GHz frequency range.

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Audio Technica's ATW-1102 proves that high-quality wireless systems needn't be expensive. This digital handheld system consists of a receiver and microphone that operate on the interference-free 2.4GHz bandwidth.

290,00 €
Audio Technica's System 10 PRO provides musicians and public speakers with a wireless system that's easy to operate. Just turn it on and hit the stage!
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11 días laborables
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