Line 6 Stagescape M20D mezclador digital

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Quite unexpectedly, Line 6 offers us a digital mixer. The clever people at Line 6 thought that we might want to be able to create the overall band mix ourselves. With the M20D digital mixer, Line 6 produces a strong contender for the other PA mixers on the market. The M20D has plenty of nifty features to ensure optimum ease of use and also has the option to be remotely controlled via iPad. What's more, you can switch from Stage View to Fader View if you prefer the good-old classic mixer setup.

The beating heart of the StageScape 20D

Line 6 fitted the Stagescape M20D with a beefy heart in the form of the sizeable LCD display, offering enough options to adjust all the different parameters to your liking. The Stagescape 20D is all about the visual depiction of the sound, allowing every musician to assemble their band and create the overall mix as well! This is the ideal device for smaller bands that have no budget, room or desire for a sound engineer - just take care of it yourself! As the Stagescape isn't nowhere near as bulky as a professional stage mixer, it'll easily find a place in the band van. Line 6's omission of a multitude of knobs, buttons and faders makes that the Stagescape can be operated quickly and easily.

Always the same band setup?

The Soundscape is the ideal device if you are a part of several bands or one band that often changes its line-up, as it lets you save presets easily. Whenever you change bands or band members you can quickly access the right settings and/or alter them if need be. Also, you can use an iPad to remotely control the Stagescape M20D from any position on stage. Each channel of the Stagescape M20 is equipped with separate digital signal processing (DSP), so the sound of your source instruments is optimally tuned. What's more, you can record the overall mix on a USB device or drive as well as an SD card.

Sugerencias o comentarios sobre este producto

  • Si hace falta, es posible descargarse la última versión del software en la página de Line 6 para algunas funciones como la Fader View.


Características del producto

  • 19 pulgadas montura 19" (por separado)
  • Canales entrada 9 - 16
  • Canales analógicos 6
  • Entradas digitales 0
  • Salidas digitales 0
  • Canales 9 - 16
  • Entradas para micrófonos 9 - 12
  • AES/EBU e/s No
  • Digital snake no
  • Dynamics compressor, gate, limiter
  • Ecualizador paramétrico de 3-bandas
  • Conector de entrada jack de 6,35 mm, XLR
  • Interfaz de audio integrada USB (multitrack)
  • Reproductor integrado USB, SD(HC)
  • Efectos integrados DSP / varios
  • Conexiones insert no
  • Vúmetros de entrada pantalla integrada, vía iPad / iPhone / iPod
  • Control a distancia sí, vía iPad
  • Conexiones en superior
  • Tipo de pantalla táctil, color
  • Expansión link (naar 2e systeem)
  • Conector de salida XLR (3-pines)
  • Alimentación cable de red
  • Control de volumen vía iPad / iPhone / iPod, vía pantalla táctil

Peso y las dimensiones incluyen el paquete

  • Peso (incluyendo el paquete) 20,0 kg
  • Dimensiones (incluyendo el paquete) 69,0 x 43,0 x 20,0 cm

Características del producto

  • high-quality PA mixer, clear visual layout
  • user-friendly interface
  • not an average setup
  • allows Fader View on the Stagescape and iPad (see tips)
  • 12 fully automatically engaged microphone/line inputs
  • 4 automatically engaged line inputs
  • 2 digital streaming inputs for a computer, USB drive or SD
  • stereo line inputs for MP3 players or other source devices
  • 4 automatic monitor outputs via XLR
  • 2 automatic master outputs via XLR
  • L6 Link technology
  • touchscreen
  • can be remotely controlled via iPad or iPad 2
  • multi-channel recorder on computer, USB drive or SD card
  • direct recording on internal memory for sound checks
  • 32-bit processing
  • powerful DSP with EQ, compressors, gates, delays, limiters and more
  • multi-band feedback suppression on each mic input
  • 4 stereo master effect modules including reverbs, delays and vocal doubler
  • virtually unlimited I/O setups, scenes and channel processing presets


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