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With S-100X, Antari have released the successor to the S-100 MKII snow machine. Via DMX you have full control over the unit's output, creating a romantic snow landscape to an entire snow storm.
400,00 €
Antari's S-200X is a powerful but mostly silent snow machine. It has the same power capacity as its sibling, the S-100X, but operates noiselessly.
498,00 €
Antari's SW-250 is a powerful snow machine, that yields 250% more output than the S-100 and the S-200. Create blizzards with the remote and DMX function.
564,00 €
Create awesome snow effects with the Antari S-500 snow machine. This 890-watt unit has been integrated into a flight case and has a tank capacity of 20 litres and it can be operated by remote control.
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6 días laborables
1.188,00 €
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