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Developed in close collaboration with contemporary guitar virtuoso, Tim Henson of Polyphia, the Ibanez TOD10N Signature electro-acoustic classical guitar is a stunner of a model that brings maximum comfort for an insane price.
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Offered at a brilliant, entry-level price, the Ibanez PC12MHCE fills the gap between a dreadnought and 000. This electro-acoustic Grand Concert guitar bears the fullness of a dreadnought and the balanced punch of a 000.
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Progressive design, a beautiful mix of woods and an incredibly comfortable body and neck are only a few of the features that help make the awesomely attainable Ibanez AE295LTD one highly recommended electro-acoustic.
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Ibanez present the PF Series PN14MHE: an effortlessly manageable, parlor-sized electro-acoustic guitar that has been outfitted with an AEQ-2T preamp and an undersaddle pickup.