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This electro-acoustic edition of the Seagull S6 Original gets you that lauded acoustic sound, plus the option to hook up an acoustic amp for convincing and captivating amplified sound.
875,00 €
The Seagull S6 Original is an acoustic guitar with a solid cedar top. This steel-string dreadnought from the award-winning S6 series is one of Seagull's top-selling models. It's attractively priced too.
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777,00 €
In the S6 Classic Black electro-acoustic, Seagull have taken a step away from their usual M.O. The back of the resonance box is made of wild cherry and the back and sides have been finished in a subtle black-wash.
858,00 €
To celebrate more than forty years of the Seagull S6, Seagull present the S6 Collection 1982 acoustic guitar. This is not an exact replica but more of a modern ode to the original.