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Would you like to keep your Teenage Engineering PO-12 micro drum machine safe and sound? This silicone case does not only offer protection, but gives the PO-12 Rhythm a more professional feel to boot.

Disponible en 14 días laborables
14 días laborables
26,00 €

The Teenage Engineering CA-16 is the official case for the PO-16 Factory. It protects the micro synth from harm and is equipped with anti-slip feet and professional buttons. In short, an indispensable accessory.

27,00 €

The Teenage Engineering CA-14 is a protective silicone case for the PO-14 Sub. It was designed to meet the same high standards as the Pocket Operator itself and comes highly recommended as an accessory.

Entrega en 3 semanas.
3 semanas
27,00 € | Christmas