Accu-case AC-140 flight bag 584 x 267 x 267 cm

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Accu-case AC-140 flight bag 584 x 267 x 267 cm nº del producto: A-ADJ777140 Periodo de garantía: Este producto solamente tiene una garantía contra defectos de fabricación.


The Accu-case AC-140 (previously known as the Arriba Cases AC-140) is designed to protect your mobile lighting equipment. The bag is fitted with small see-through windows, which ensure that you can easily see which device is in which bag. An additional zippered compartment can hold your lamps and other accessories. This bag is fit for the Accu 250 scans, Martin MX1 and MX4, Elation scans and smoke machines. This means that you can use multiple bags which makes storing easier because all bags are the same size. This is the perfect alternative to the old-fashioned flightcase, especially when you appreciate mobility and cases that are easy to use and manageable. Normal flightcases might be hard to manage as they are made entirely of wood and are often big and bulky. These bags are light, manageable and made of firm nylon.

Designed for, among others:
- American DJ Fusion Scan 250
- American DJ Accu Roller 250
- American DJ Concept:1
- American DJ Concept:2
- American DJ Deluxe Scan 250
- American DJ Emerald Beam (2)
- American DJ Fog Storm 1700HD
- American DJ Performance Scan 250
- American DJ Roller Tron 250
- American DJ DJ Scan 250
- American DJ Scan Tron 250
- American DJ Tri Beam (2)
- Chauvet Nebula 250
- Elation Active Scan 250
- Elation Activa Wave 250
- Elation Protron Color
- Martin Mx-1/MX-4

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Peso y las dimensiones incluyen el paquete

  • Peso (incluyendo el paquete) 2,1 kg
  • Dimensiones (incluyendo el paquete) 60,0 x 33,0 x 10,0 cm

Características del producto

- dimensions: 584 x 267 x 267 mm
- suited for all brands of lighting equipment
- affordable soft cases that protect your lighting equipment
- ideal for mobile DJs and bands
- additional compartment with zipper for lamps of accessories
- saves up transportation space
- see-through windows enable you to identify equipment or to place identification on it
- extra large flap for quick and easy access to your equipment


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