Accu-case AC-120 flightbag 482 x 266 x 254mm

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Accu-case AC-120 flightbag 482 x 266 x 254mm nº del producto: A-ADJ777120 Periodo de garantía: Este producto solamente tiene una garantía contra defectos de fabricación.


The Accu-case AC-120 (previously known as the Arriba Cases AC-120) is designed for the protection of mobile lighting equipment. The bag is fitted with see-through windows that allow you to easily identify which effect is stored inside. There is an additional compartment with a zipper for your spare lamps and accessories. The design of the bag allows for comfortable transport, while your equipment is securely protected from punches and scratches. As such, the safety of your light effect or fog machine is guaranteed and your gear will keep looking its best.

Designed for, among others:
- Antari Z-300 Fogger
- American DJ DJ Scan 250
- American DJ DJ Scan 250 HP
- American DJ Electra 250
- American DJ Fusion Scan 250
- American DJ Mini Mace
- American DJ Mini Mine
- American DJ Rover 250
- American DJ Sapphire 4
- American DJ Topaz 250
- American DJ Whirl 250
- American DJ Titan 250
- American DJ Trance Wheel
- American DJ Mania PR1
- Chauvet Passion Scan
- Chauvet Orbiter RG
- Elation Pro Color
- Elation UV Wash
- OmniSistem Superfantasia

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  • Peso (incluyendo el paquete) 1,2 kg
  • Dimensiones (incluyendo el paquete) 54,0 x 33,0 x 7,0 cm

Características del producto

- dimensions: 482 x 266 x 254 mm
- suited for lighting equipment of all brands
- affordable soft cases that protect your lighting equipment
- ideal for mobile DJs and bands
- additional compartment with zipper for lamps of accessories
- saves transporting space
- see-through windows enable you to identify equipment or to place identification
- extra large flap for easy and quick access to your equipment


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