JB systems Rackcase 8 U 19"

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JB Systems are releasing a new range of flightcases that are fitted with the logo "JV-Case". This new range of flightcases and flightcase accessories is constantly growing, and now these 19-inch flightcases have been added. All amps are fitted with an aluminium frame, protective corners, handles and they are made out of durable 9mm plywood. On the inside is a 19-inch slide rail, which ensures that your materials is neatly and easily mounted in the flightcase.

The sizeable 8U flightcase that can be found here, is mainly fit for heavier racks. It can fit two or three amps, a crossover or processor, connector panels and additionals like a rack light, for instance. Contrary to its predecessors (2 U, 4 U, 6 U), this flightcase is even deeper (520 mm of which 470 mm can be actively used). This way, even heavier amps are neatly protected in a durable flightcase. Handles are provided, but we advise that you mount a wheel plate when you are going to mount heavy amps in this flightcase, so that it can easily be transported from A to B.

Sugerencias o comentarios sobre este producto

  • Asegúrate de elegir un flight case con la altura adecuada. A veces, es recomendable comprar una flight case un poco más alta para no tener que cambiarla en caso de que amplies tu equipo. El espacio que sobre lo cubrir con una tapa.


Características del producto

  • Unidades de rack en vertical 8 U
  • Asas
  • Profundidad 400 mm
  • Material madera
  • Montura antivibratoria no
  • Apilable
  • Tipo de ranura vlinder
  • Asa extraíble/retráctil no
  • Ruedas no

Peso y las dimensiones incluyen el paquete

  • Peso (incluyendo el paquete) 19,7 kg
  • Dimensiones (incluyendo el paquete) 52,7 x 63,0 x 38,8 cm

Características del producto

  • high-quality standard 19-inch flightcases
  • depth: 520 mm (470 mm of which can be actively used)
  • durable 9mm plywood construction
  • detachable front and back lid
  • aluminium 19-inch slide rail at the front and rear
  • all bolts, nuts and rings are included
  • shockproof
  • 2 professional flip handles
  • 4 butterfly locks
  • dimensions: 527 x 630 x 388 mm


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