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The M80VHB by Mono is a gig bag specially made for semi-acoustic guitars. This top-quality bag combines the ease of a gig bag with the protective qualities of a hardcase.
239,00 €
This black Mono M80 Guitar Sleeve is a basic gig bag that offers long-lasting protection at an attractive price. Its top-loading design comes in handy when inserting or removing your electric guitar.
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7 semanas
145,00 €
Esta funda gris M80 de Mono es la mejor manera de transportar tu guitarra eléctrica, sobre todo por el refuerzo de goma que lleva la parte del mástil.
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6 semanas
129,00 €
Mono's M80 Vertigo is a black flight bag for electric guitars with a maximum length of 41.5 inches and a maximum width of 14.5 inches. The practical M80 series was developed in collaboration with musicians.
258,00 €
This dual M80 flight bag by Mono makes it easy to take two electric guitars with you at once. Thanks to its patent-pending Z-form design, it offers the same protection to each guitar as Mono's single M80 bags do.
319,00 €
Transporting two guitars just became a lot easier with the practical, rugged Mono M80 Dual guitar bag, which offers protection for both an acoustic steel-string and an electric guitar.
329,00 €
Mono ha desarrollado esta bolsa M80 en colaboración con músicos. La serie M80 sabe perfectamente lo que los músicos necesitan.
211,00 €
This top-loading M80 Vertigo flight bag by Mono provides optimal protection for your electric guitar. It has a waterproof Sharkskin shell, robust shockproof panels, a thick rubber sole and an automatic headstock suspension system.
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8 semanas
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