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Scratches, rain and dust can seriously harm the condition of your bass drum! This bag protects your 22 x 20-inch bass drum during transport and has two sturdy handles, a name tag and a size label.
107,00 €
From now on, carry and protect your floor tom or bass drum measuring 18 inches in diameter and 16 inches deep in a PBB18 Powerpad bag by Tama!
Disponible en 6 días laborables
6 días laborables
80,00 €
Scratches on your bass drum are a thing of the past with this Powerpad bag by Tama, made to protect and carry a 20 x 18 inch bass drum.
Entrega en 15 semanas.
15 semanas
92,00 €
This bag is designed to carry and protect a bass drum of 18 inches in depth by 24 inches in diameter, and is outfitted with two handles, a tag for your name and address, and a label that clearly shows the drum size.
114,00 €
The Powerpad bass drum bag by Tama has a bright red zipper, two handles, a name tag and a size label, and is made to carry and protect a bass drum measuring 22 inches in diameter and 18 inches deep.
100,00 €