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Aguilar's Octamizer is an octaver effect pedal for bass guitars. It features separate volume and tone controls for the octave and clean sounds. Moreover, it produces a wide range of deep and organic sounds that are a full octave below your original tone.

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9 semanas
193,00 €

El Tone Hammer ofrece el auténtico sonido de bajo de Aguilar. Este compacto preamplificador/caja directa dispone de un EQ activo de 3 bandas y función drive. La herramienta ideal para bajistas para grabaciones y en directo.

249,00 €

Aguilar's TLC Compressor was designed to allow bass players to control the dynamics of their sound in a flexible, musical way. This compact stomp box for bass guitars gives you the range of expensive studio compressors.

Disponible en 10 días laborables
10 días laborables
214,00 €

Take a step back into the '70s with Aguilar's Fuzzistor. This essential bass fuzz effect has a vintage sound and a retro colour. Have your bass guitar growling, creaking and crunching like never before.

213,00 €

The Aguilar Chorusaurus is a chorus pedal for bass guitars that uses analogue Bucket Brigade technology to create an immense sound of luscious and organic chorus.

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7 días laborables
235,00 €

Create the most unique filter effects that range from wah wah to ya ya with the Aguilar Filter Twin Dual Envelope Filter for bass guitars. This compact stompbox pedal has an up and a down filter with their own separate velocity control.

248,00 €
Aguilar is a brand that's dedicated to making top-quality gear for bassists just like this Grape Phaser effects pedal. The rate knob and color knob are all the controls you need to serve up some funky bass sounds.
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5 semanas
228,00 €

Aguilar's Agro Pedal Bass Overdrive offers bass guitar players a wide range of tonal flexibility. You can go from a warm, vintage-style, tube-like edge to full-blown, screaming distortion while preserving the full, round tone of your bass guitar.

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10 días laborables
211,00 €