Ernie Ball 3223 Slinky Nickel Wound 3 Pack

Ernie Ball 3223 Slinky Nickel Wound 3 Pack nº del producto: 9000-0017-6394 Periodo de garantía: Este producto solamente tiene una garantía contra defectos de fabricación.


All Ernie Ball strings are known for their versatility. These particular 3223 Super Slinky Nickel Wound strings are used for a wide variety of genres, from metal to blues and even jazz. The wound strings are made of nickel-plated steel and wound around a hexagonal steel core. The other strings are made of a specially hardened type of tin-plated carbon steel. As a result, these strings offer a balanced sound with a bright tonal character.

The Super Slinky string set

This string set is one of thinnest string sets Ernie Ball offers, which means they're smooth and easy to play. Playing solos is easier than ever, and chords sound bright and defined. Artists like Jeff Beck swear by Ernie Ball Slinky Nickel strings for a clear, focused tone.

Ernie Ball's packaging

Ernie Ball's packaging is hermetically sealed so the strings are not exposed to air or other elements that could cause damage to them.


Características del producto

  • Número de cuerdas 6
  • Material cuerdas acero niquelado
  • Entorchado completo
  • Cuerda G entorchada no
  • Set/cuerdas sueltas 3 sets
  • Grosor cuerda no aplicable
  • Grosor del set .009 - .042
  • Tonalidad cuerda suelta no aplicable
  • Recubierto no

Peso y las dimensiones incluyen el paquete

  • Peso (incluyendo el paquete) 200 gr
  • Dimensiones (incluyendo el paquete) 13,0 x 11,0 x 0,8 cm

Características del producto

  • set of 6 strings
  • suitable for: electric guitar
  • flexible string set
  • material: hardened tin-plated carbon steel, nickel-wound steel
  • gauges: .009, .011, .016, .024, .032, .042


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