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Para pequeñas proyecciones luminosas como un par de focos para iluminar una escena musical, es un pequeño controlador DMX una solución ideal. Este controlador Obey-6 es ideal para eso y además ofrece más posibilidades.
104,00 €
The Obey 4 DMX controller by Chauvet DJ sends 3 to 4 channels in red, green, blue and white/amber for simple colour blending options. It can control up to four individual fixtures in four different zones.
65,00 €
Chauvet DJ's Obey 10 DMX controller enables you to operate all your DMX Chauvet devices like lights, scanners and moving heads. The Obey can be mounted in a 19-inch rack and has 128 channels.
86,00 €
The Chauvet DJ Obey 40 DMX controller is a size bigger than its counterpart the Obey 10, and it offers more options as well. It can be mounted in a 19-inch rack or double-door flight case (3U) and has plenty of connection options.
Disponible en 6 días laborables
6 días laborables
109,00 €
Trigger, program and save your favourite scenes and presets in Chauvet DJ's DMX-RT recorder and transfer everything to the included SD card!
Disponible en 11 días laborables
11 días laborables
150,00 € | Halloween