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Wouldn't you prefer to have your acoustic Yamaha perfectly tuned before you start playing? Then this set of Type G robot tuners with chrome-plated tuning knobs is for you. The even faster PLUS successor of the revolutionary TronicalTune system ensures good tuning within 2 to 4 seconds. Additionally, you don't need to make any modifications and can mount the TronicalTune PLUS Type G Chrome set to your favourite steel-string Yamaha guitar in ten minutes. Now, you have even more guitar tuning choices than before. This set of robot tuners allows you to play quickly, and to become inspired by all the options at your fingertips.

TronicalTune PLUS Type G: for the versatile guitarist

A versatile guitarist often needs to play in a variety of tunings such as drop D, DADGAD, open G, or even an entire key lower, which makes the TronicalTune PLUS a great tool. The system not only saves time, it also saves carrying extra guitars to performances. Because it can tune your guitar in the blink of an eye, you only need one guitar! Besides, this device tunes faster than you can activate a regular tuner. TronicalTune PLUS also makes changing strings easier, thanks to the locking system and tuning up/down function. With the latter, you can release the tension of your strings and tighten new ones in a flash. TronicalTune PLUS Type G comes with a rechargeable LiPo battery (up to 300 tunings), a c-spanner and an adapter with universal outlet plugs.

New features of the TronicalTune PLUS

The TronicalTune PLUS system boasts a variety of improvements, compared to its former model. For starters, it can tune your guitar in 2 to 4 seconds (as opposed to 5 to 8 seconds). Presets and user banks have been doubled, now totalling 24 pre-programmed tunings and 12 memory slots. TronicalTune PLUS also offers two 'low tuning' banks for specific low and drop tunings. Use the newly added calibration function after you've mounted strings of another size, for example. The new capo function automatically detects whether or not you're using a capo, and compensates accordingly. Pitch assistance fine-tunes a custom tuning before saving, and with pitch correction, you can fine-tune strings individually.

Sugerencias o comentarios sobre este producto

  • Atención:
  • Este sistema es para cuerdas de guitarra .008 - .038 y 013 - .056 pulgadas
  • Para su mejor funcionamiento es importante mantener los surcos de la cejilla siempre bien limpios.
  • Pasando la punta de un lápiz por los surcos de la cejilla, se produce menos fricción, favoreciendo la afinación. También puedes utilizar Big Bends Nut Sauce .
  • Para saber si este sistema TronicalTune es adecuado para tu guitarra te puedes descargar template imprimir la escala 1:1. Lo recortas y así ves si se adapta al modelo de tu guitarra.
  • La imagen muestra la versión con clavijas de afinación "marbled" y puede diferir del producto real.


Peso y las dimensiones incluyen el paquete

  • Peso (incluyendo el paquete) 1,0 kg

Características del producto

  • TronicalTune Plus robot tuners
  • type: G
  • finish: chrome-plated
  • model peg head: Tulip Style chrome
  • 3 left - 3 right
  • suited for (among others): Yamaha acoustic guitars, see complete list below
  • motorised, self-tuning machine heads
  • turn it on, strike the strings and in 4 seconds, they'll be perfectly tuned
  • multi-string and single-string tuning modes
  • custom tuning function: for creating your own unique tunings
  • reference tuning: ideal for synchronising with pianos and string instruments
  • perfect for at home, in the studio and live applications
  • 24 built-in presets (bank red, green, white and yellow), see clickstream for downloads
  • 12 memory slots (blue bank) for your own tunings
  • an optional 36 memory slots (by overwriting presets)
  • rapidly switch tunings in 2 to 4 seconds
  • also functions as traditional locking tuners
  • easy to mount, no modifications needed
  • light-weight design, no extra weight
  • power supply: rechargeable LiPo (lithium-ion polymer) battery, 3.7 V, 340 mAh
  • up to 300 x tunings per full battery (depending on type of tuning)
  • power adapter for charging the battery included
  • dimensions: see template document under downloads
  • weight: 287 g
  • Contents:
    • print plate type G
    • 6 RoboHead machine heads
    • 6 nuts and 6 washers
    • rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
    • power adapter with universal outlet plugs
    • c-spanner
    • quick start guide
  • updates compared to the old version:
    • new software
    • tuning time from 5 - 8 seconds to 2 - 4 seconds
    • preset banks from 12 to 24
    • user banks from 6 to 12, optionally 36 (by overwriting presets)
    • option to unblock banks and overwrite
    • low tuning banks: special for low tunings
    • calibration function (after installation, other brand/type strings, firmware update, etc.)
    • capo mode: automatically detects capo and compensates tuning
    • pitch assistance: fine-tunes a custom tuning for saving
    • pitch correction available per string
  • Suited for (among others.:
  • Yamaha:
    • A-series
    • APX-series
    • FG-series
    • FG700MS


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