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Caymon CASY Modular System: How does it work?

If existing patch panels don't offer the features or connectivity you require, the Caymon CASY Series products allow you to build your own custom-made patch panel catered to your specific needs by installing individual modules into a pre-shaped chassis. The modules are simply screwed into the chassis and do not require any soldering due to the use of screw terminals, terminal blocks and link-through connectors. All modules and chassis shapes are fully compatible, so you can use any module with any chassis to construct a patch panel with exactly the right size, shape and connector types that you need.

Chassis Models

There are four different chassis models available in various sizes, with room for 2 to 12 panels. First off, the table chassis models are particularly convenient for studios, conference rooms or any other space that requires cable connections on a desk or table surface. These come in build-in and surface-mountable versions in various widths. Then, there's the 19-inch rack chassis, which offers space for 12 modules and is available in varying depths. The on-wall chassis, also available in various sizes, lets you stylishly integrate your connectors into any surrounding thanks to its sleek, black, aluminium housing. The fourth model is the stage box chassis, which can be specifically constructed using different modules so it meets all of your needs. Its aluminium housing comes equipped with a plastic cable gland.


In terms of modules, you're offered a wide choice of pre-fitted connector types: audio modules with microphone, line and speaker connectors, video modules with VGA and HDMI connectors, power modules with Euro and Schuko connectors and data modules with USB and etherCON connectors.

Furthermore, Caymon offer cover plates with pre-cut holes for D-size connectors, cover plates with 45 x 45 mm holes for matrix or volume controllers and cover plates with holes for PROCAB Keystone connectors.

If you're not using all available chassis spaces, you can mount blind plates and handy ventilation plates to cover up any unused slots.


Check out the complete Caymon CASY assortment here.

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