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The HQ Universal USB charger provides your USB devices with the energy they need. Just connect the USB cable of, for instance, your MP3 player, navigation system or PDA to this USB charger and plug it into a power socket. Your device is subsequently charged by using mains electricity.
11,95 €
Este adaptador de HQ es muy fácil de usar, podrás alimentar hasta seis aparatos. Potencia máxima de 1000 mA.
15,95 €

The Roland PSB-7U is a solid adapter, suited for use with various Roland and Boss devices. It is supplied without a power cable.

Entrega en 3 semanas.
3 semanas
58,00 €
Adaptador Notebook de Valueline, también compatible con notebooks de Toshiba, Lenovo, IBM, Samsung, FUjitsu, Dell, Compaq, Acer, HP, LG y otras marcas. Se entrega con 10 tipos de cabezales diferentes (power tips).
32,00 €
This is the Eagle P003B multi voltage 1000mA regulated power adapter. It allows you to switch between 6 different voltages, allowing you to use it for a great variety of different devices.
14,40 €
27,00 €
20,00 €
The PA-300C is a perfect spare power adapter for your Yamaha PSR, Motif Rack ES, P120 and Steinberg UR-824. Reliable, stable, official.
55,00 €
It's always handy to have an extra Apple 12W Universal power adapter on hand for charging your iPad at home, in the office or on the road.
24,00 €

Power adapter for the Showtec Scanmaster series.

Disponible en 6 días laborables
6 días laborables
10,00 €
This is a durable 12-volt regulated power adapter that will supply your equipment with up to 500mA, and features a 2.1mm DC plug.
Disponible en 5 días laborables
5 días laborables
9,15 €
Disponible en 10 días laborables
10 días laborables
18,95 €

This HQ power adaptor consists of six exchangeable power tips. This makes this 1500 mA adaptor suitable for a lot of different devices. The adaptor is equipped with a LED indicator and a 3-12 V output.

Entrega rápida en 4 días laborables
4 días laborables
15,85 €
Versatile adaptor for a variety of applications. You can connect your foot pedals or keyboard, for instance. This adaptor works with all foot pedals of Behringer that have a 9 Volt battery.
Entrega en 8 semanas.
8 semanas
12,20 €