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10% Off Innox, Devine, Ayra, LaPaz and Fazley



Get 10% off everything from Innox, Devine, Ayra, LaPaz and Fazley! Simply add the discount code: TM420 to your basket!


Innox offer practical products for professional musicians, lighting and sound-technicians. Check out their diverse, professional-grade microphone, guitar, DJ and keyboard stands.


Devine produces a wide array of gear, ranging from active speakers to passive subwoofers. They also offer complete PA systems, microphones and headphones, all designed for public spaces, small studios or fledgling DJs.


Ayra develop lighting gear for both professionals and semi-professionals by simply offering fixtures and accessories with a great price-quality ratio. Their extensive range includes an array of (LED) moving heads, scanners, (LED) lighting effects, LED pars, smoke machines and lasers. The functionality of each bit of kit is designed to be manageable for beginners while opening up a mass of creativity for pro-level light shows. Ayra gear can be found lighting up the stages of anywhere from large venues to the dance floors of house parties.


LaPaz produce a varied collection of excellently prices guitars and specialise in crafting classical models for complete beginners and casual players.


Since 2013, Bax Music have been stocking Fazley gear. This brand is fully focused on providing attainable instruments and accessories for all any soon-to-be professional musicians.


Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is only valid on Devine, LaPaz, Fazley, Ayra and Innox gear.
  • This offer is only valid from the 31st of May up to and including the 31st of July, 2020.
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other offers, vouchers or promotions. 
  • This offer is not valid on any purchases made outside of the offer period. 
  • The discount cannot be added retroactively, after a purchase has been completed. 
  • Bax Music reserves the right to change any of the promotion conditions at any time and to end the offer prematurely. 
  • Bax Music does not accept liability for any typographical or spelling errors. 

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