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The Rockcare Handmaster Plus trainer is a little piece of exercise equipment made to put power in the hands of any pianist, brass player or guitarist. A few sessions will show you just how supple your playing can get.
13,60 €
The D'Addario Planet Waves VG01 Varigrip finger trainer gives your fingers a fitting warming-up, before you start your guitar session. You can also train your fingers, lower arms and hands specifically for power.
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15,80 €
The Fazley FP-2 finger trainer is essentially a pocket-sized gym for your fret-hand, so you can train and warm up your fingers wherever you are, improving speed, accuracy and flow once you hit the stage.
8,65 €
El Boss Micro BR BR-80 es un estudio de grabación de tamaño de bolsillo. Este grabador digital graba tus ensayos y actuaciones con una precisión quirúrgica.
195,00 €
The D'Addario Dynaflex is an effective training-tool for musicians. Rotate the internal gyroscope by moving the ball back and forth and warm up your wrists, hands and arms before you step onto the stage!
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